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In this presentation, we will give you a birds-eye view of an investment bank (IB) and map out the range of different roles it plays, and provide some insights into what a career in Investment Banking entails. We also provide detailed insights for individuals that are looking towards next year’s recruitment cycle. Gain an understanding of what to expect during internship, the recruitment process, how best to prepare, based on Capital City Training's direct experience with internship programmes at investment banks.

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  • Understand the intricacies of investment and commercial banking, the essential skills required, and a glimpse into the daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Discover a wide range of financial courses and development programs tailored for careers in banking, asset management, and financial services.
  • Benefit from over a century of combined training expertise, accredited by renowned institutions, to navigate your career in the financial sector effectively.
  • Engage with an intuitive e-learning platform, supporting your financial education at your pace and convenience.

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