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What is Inside the manual?


This section introduces the core concepts of M&A, explaining the goals of acquisitions, including the pursuit of synergies through scale, scope, and diversification. It also covers acquisition and disposal strategies, providing a foundation for understanding the strategic rationale behind M&As.

Acquiring Private Companies

Offering a process overview from the early stages through to post-completion, this section is crucial for understanding the nuances involved in private company acquisitions. It includes detailed steps such as target analysis, due diligence, and the finalization of sale and purchase agreements.

Selling Private Companies

This part parallels the acquisition process but from the perspective of selling private companies. It details disposal strategies, preparation for sale, and different approaches to achieving a sale, such as demergers, auctions, and the 'rifleshot' approach. 

Public Company Takeovers

Focusing on the regulatory environment, the takeover process (both friendly and hostile), and defence tactics, this section is key for anyone involved in or studying public company takeovers. 


Concluding with what determines success and failure in acquisitions, this section emphasizes the importance of planning, implementation, and integration. 
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