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The Accounting and Analysis Manual is an indispensable resource for finance professionals, auditors, and business managers navigating the complexities of financial reporting and analysis.

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What is inside the manual?

Presentation of Financial Statements

This section is foundational, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of how financial statements are structured and presented, which is crucial for both reporting and analysis.

Balance Sheet Issues: Assets and Liabilities

A deep dive into the intricacies of assets and liabilities, including current and non-current classifications, debt, leases, and more. This part is essential for understanding a company's financial health and operational sustainability.

Income Statement Issues

Focusing on revenue recognition and the implications of employee share options, this section is key for understanding how a company's operations translate into financial performance.

Understanding Cash Flow Statements

With emphasis on free cash flow, this section highlights the importance of cash management and its impact on a company's valuation and investment attractiveness.

Accounting and Analysis for M&A

This comprehensive segment covers the end-to-end process and considerations for M&A activities, including the consolidation process, acquisition accounting, and the treatment of goodwill. 
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