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Raising Equity Capital

A comprehensive understanding of equity as a means of corporate funding, offering insights into both the private equity and public equity landscapes, venture capital, and the strategic considerations involved in raising and managing equity investments.

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What is Inside the manual?

Introduction to Equity

This section lays the groundwork by explaining the features of equity, its additional characteristics, and the different types of equity available. It also provides an overview of corporate funding options, setting the stage for a deeper dive into more specific equity-related topics.

Private Equity

Covering everything from the basics of private equity, the goals of private equity investments, and the structure of private equity firms to the process of attracting private equity, including preparing a business plan and approaching investors.

Venture Capital

Offering an overview of venture capital, including the types of investors involved, such as venture capital funds and business angels, and the lifecycle of a venture capital investment. This section is crucial for understanding the role of venture capital.

Public Equity

Detailed exploration of public equity markets, the process and terminology of equity capital markets, the advantages and disadvantages of raising public equity, and the criteria for listing on various markets. It includes a comprehensive guide to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process,.

Private Equity Exits and the IPO Process

Highlighting the end goals of private equity investment through exit strategies, including a detailed look at the IPO process as a key exit route. This includes due diligence, drafting the prospectus, launching the IPO, and the obligations following a public listing.
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